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bounce dat ass

lemme see u get low

r a e
5 December
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apple bottoms, ashton kutcher, austin powers, b2k, babies, baby phat, benjamin mckenzie, betsey johnson, beyonce, black-eyed peas, bling-bling, bob fosse, booty, bow wow, boys, brandy, british accents, britney spears, cheesecake factory, chingy, chocolate men, christina aguilera, christmas, chucks, church, ciara, city walk, clouds, clubs, cosmogirl, dancing, daniel radcliff, debbie allen, degrassi, diamonds, diego luna, eating, ecko red, elf, fire, fishnets, forever 21, frankie b, freaking, french fries, fried rice, g-unit, gay men, gossip girl, green, grindin, guitar, guys who play basketball, hangin with friends, harry potter, high-heels, hip hop, hot tubs, ice, impact, in n out, ipods, j boog, jake gyllenhaal, jamaica, jamba juice, james perse, janet jackson, jay-z, justin timberlake, kanye west, kareem rush, krispy kreme, lancome, laughing, lil fizz, lip gloss, look what i did, los angeles, ludacris, mac, making out, making videos, marques houston, mary-kate and ashley olsen, melrose, mercedes-benz, michael jackson, mini skirts, modeling, money, mosh pits, movies, murphy lee, music, mya, naomi campbell, napoleon dynamite, new york, nsync, oreos, outkast, partying, paul frank, petey pablo, phantom of the opera, pharrell williams, pink, planet funk, playing, polka dots, posing, punk'd, puppies, roscoe's chicken and waffles, rupert grint, sean paul, sephora, sex, shopping, singing, skeet skeet, skiing, sleeping, snape, snoop dogg, snow, spain, spiderman, spongebob, spooning, stuffed animals, talking on the phone, tennis, the beach, the oc, the sims, thongs, tom felton, tyra banks, uggs, versace, victorias secret, will and grace, ybs, you got served, zoolander