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would u like fries with that? [Tuesday,
February 22nd, 2005]
[ mood | disappointed ]

i love how im not going to get into college and end up working at mcdonalds. great.

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February 14th, 2005]
[ mood | sleepy ]

according to urbandictionary.com a val pal is a valentine's day partner; someone to give and recieve gifts from at school.

so does that mean i dont get to have a val pal? what is the point? does anybody actullay like valentine's day anyways?

grr...i hate all girls schools.

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eat ur salad, no dessert [Friday,
February 11th, 2005]
[ mood | excited ]

oo maa gaawd guuuurrrl

i met someone really cool tonight. thru the wire?Collapse )

Now I'm off to bed cuz I'm so effing tired and tomorrow morning is Starbucks Friday which means I get to wake up in approximatley 5 hours and 45 minutes. Nitenite

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how random is this [Wednesday,
February 9th, 2005]
[ mood | anxious ]

i love how im in english class right now...

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dance with me [Tuesday,
February 1st, 2005]
[ mood | contemplative ]

here are some pics from my dance recital, since i didnt tell yall much about it. i dont have that many pics, but here r the ones i got. its kinda like u were there??Collapse )

And a couple pics from my sweet 16...Collapse )

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fuckdatshit [Monday,
January 31st, 2005]
[ mood | flirty ]

i love how my english essay thats due tomorrow is 2 pages...when it's supposed to be 4.


just thought i'd share my laziness with you.


we're just ordinary people [Friday,
January 28th, 2005]
[ mood | confused ]

Tonight was our 2nd dance recital and guess who was there? OMARION AND MARQUES HOUSTON! HOly fucking shit! omigosh i have loved marques houston since "Sister Sister"!! "go home, roger!!!" sorry. i had to squeel about that. omigosh they are so effin FINE in person. there was one point during my ballet when i saw omarion pointin at me!!!! i dunno if that was a good thing or a bad thing, but...yeah...i dunno, at least he noticed me! omigosh i love them. i was so mad tho cuz i didnt get to say anything to them before they left. and they left before HIP-HOP! how could they do that?!? i tell u, boys r crazy. i mean, they prolly had legitimate reasons for leaving, but still. i loved seein their fine asses in the audience. damn. ok i jus really wanted to tell errbody bout that. maybe more SEXY famous people tomorrow? who knows...

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aint nothin but a hoochie momma [Sunday,
January 16th, 2005]
[ mood | thankful ]

Friday night was my sweet 16 party.wishin u were thereCollapse )

i'll update wit some pics layta...

payce~~young 1

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snow day [Tuesday,
January 11th, 2005]
[ mood | artistic ]

Am I in school today? Nope. Why, you ask? Cuz its a rainy day...and guess what? It's not even raining.

Yeah, shows how dumb my school is, not that I mind in this case. I needed an extra day to...be lazy. Last night I watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and ate strawberry cheesecake ice cream and talked on the phone with Veronica. Omygoodness that ice cream was so good.

Now let's see. Should I start on my essay and do some chem homework...eh...nah.

I'm gonna go exercise and then mabye read and then do whatever else I can think of. Call me if you're bored.

And this is what I do in my free time. weeeeeeeeeCollapse )

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January 9th, 2005]
[ mood | lazy ]

yay semi-formal came and went :(

it was really fun. so all the stress about the limo and and who's going with who and what we're wearing was all worth it. i wanna do it all over again, but since i cant until next year im gonna have to enjoy the pictures i took (which means im gonna show them to you too) :). and let the fun beginCollapse )
k that's all for now...maybe more later when i finish the homework i have been avoiding all week...

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woohoo [Friday,
December 31st, 2004]
[ mood | bored ]


i get to hang out with my mom on new year's eve...im so cool, i know.


December 27th, 2004]
[ mood | bored ]

i'm off to san fran til the 30th. jus thought i'd let u kno so u woulndt think i fell off the face of the earth :)

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blue eyes [Monday,
December 20th, 2004]
[ mood | crushed ]

i had one of the shittiest nights of my life last night. and now today i have nothing to do cuz my mom prolly wont let me do anything fun. hooray.

anyways, on a happier note, here are some pics.

my school actually does fun stuff sometimesCollapse )

can u believe i actually went to a party?Collapse )

woof woofCollapse )


December 13th, 2004]
[ mood | full ]

my doggy came home! hooray! she came home the day after she ran away, thank G-D.

so now im just sitting at school with nothing to do because its the first day before finals so all the classes that there arent finals in are having parties and things. so i have eaten so much shit today its not even funny.

so far i've eaten:
Lays potato chips
3 cookies
a donut
a bagel with creamcheese
a banana

and im not going to dance today so im not gonna burn off all the crap im eating so im just gonna turn into a big fat blob of lard. (sounds attractive, dontya think?)

and today im gonna be studying until the wee hours of the morning becuz i wasted the whole weekend doing nothing...im such a good student

[Sealed with a kiss] 2 [Letter]

December 9th, 2004]
[ mood | sad ]

one of my dogs ran away today. and the worst part about it is that whoever tried to grab her, pulled her collar off by accident, so now she doesnt even have an ID on her.

my mom is really sad about it. i think malcolm is too.

we r gonna make some fliers to put up. she's run away before, but every other time she either comes back on her own or somebody sees her collar and calls us to say that they have her. but this time...i dunno.

whereever she is, i just hope she is ok

[Sealed with a kiss] 5 [Letter]

December 3rd, 2004]
[ mood | happy ]

ah the week is almost over...

Mr. Kaj let us out early so im here in the computer lab. wow! i actually have a free moment to update! hooray!

anyways, today in drawing, Katie brought the book "Wehere Did I Come From". hahahahahhaha. that book is so histerical. its how i learned about sex. no joke. we all read it in 2nd grade in the school library. it has these pictures of these chubby little people who are naked and really ugly. and they explain all the body parts and what not. it says stuff like "the man has a thing that dangles between his legs and its called the penis". and then its like "the woman has a thing between her legs and its called the vagina (it sounds like Carolina)"!!! im not even joking. and not only that, but this morning there were like a shitload of parents touring the school and they all came in while we were looking at the book! hahahahaha. it was so incredibly funny.

yes so that was my friday morning so far.

2 days til my birthday!!

love yall...PAYCE

[Sealed with a kiss] 2 [Letter]

November 22nd, 2004]
[ mood | sick ]

Thank G O D for the


and that's all i have to say right now...
except for that im going to ATL tomorrow night and i'll be there until Saturday afternoon. i'll try to get to a computer while i am there, but if i dont, I hope you guys have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

high without drugs, drunk without alcohol [Sunday,
November 14th, 2004]
[ mood | nervous ]

WOW guys sorry I havent updated in forever. Not enough time in the days. Not enough time. See like right now it's already 10:40 PM. WTF. Where does the effing time go? Where is it? Huh? Does anybody know? Cus I sure dont. so here are some bits and pieces of my weekCollapse )

I'm gonna be busy from now until like December 19 soooo lets hope I dont die of shit-i-dont-wanna-do overload.

K Im out for now...

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californiaaaaaaaa [Thursday,
November 4th, 2004]
[ mood | happy ]

Ohmigosh The OC was so goooooood!!

I love it to pieces.
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the only Bush i trust is my own [Tuesday,
November 2nd, 2004]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I hate this evil little man. He is going to ruin everyone's lives.

Lily: yea well
Lily: if bush wins
Lily: he can't run ever again
Me: thats good
Me: but the world might already be destroyed by then
Lily: lol
Lily: yea tru that

grand...juuuus grand.

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